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The Battle of Dark Circles Vs Women

by Team Yours AM |

The Battle of Dark Circles Vs. Women

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every woman, of whatever age she may be, must have at least once faced the gruesome battle of dark circles under her eyes.

Even after all the patented formulas, the skincare industry has brought forth, the best way to remove dark circles still remains an excellent concealer. While we ponder upon how to win this warfare against bags and puffiness, let's first examine the elements of our lifestyle which is probably leading up to those pesky dark spots.


Your sleep pattern, of course

The science behind sleep deprivation and its effects on your eyes is this: Lack of sleep results in the widening of blood vessels around eyes, which causes a greater amount of blood pooling and creates a dark tint around them.


Unhealthy habits

A cigarette or a glass of wine can be the solution to a lot of your problems, but it's counterproductive for good skin. Consumption of alcohol or nicotine dilates your blood vessels which makes the dark circles even more visible. Nicotine is also responsible for sleep deprivation.


Your makeup

We understand how you must be feeling. Et Tu, Brute? This is the ultimate betrayal! However, we really do subject our eyes to eye-liners, mascaras, and concealers on a daily basis. If any product does not suit your skin, it can prompt reactions that result in irritation and scratching, that further deepens the dark circles.

Bad genes?

Blame your parents! It is a possibility that the skin you inherited is very thin and is prone to blood pooling under your eyes making the veins under your eyes very visible.

The Sun, UV rays and Melanin

Sun exposure causes the formulation of melanin, a pigment that gives your skin its color. When more melanin is produced around the eyes, it gives them a darker color. This process is called Periorbital Hyperpigmentation. This process breaks down collagen which holds your skin together and makes your blood veins more obvious. Another reason why global warming is bad for everyone!

Does your diet include a lot of Salt and Caffeine?

Sodium and Caffeine cause your body to retain fluids. This leads to puffy eyes and discoloration under the eyes. Dehydration can also slow down circulation in the blood vessels causing them to become enlarged and darker. So, the next time you get the munchies, it is a good idea to avoid snacks like salted chips which are high in sodium.

Now that we have got this out of the way, let us look at some of the simple ways and little changes in our daily routine which can protect us from the dreaded raccoon eyes.


First things first, get more sleep!

We totally understand how ridiculous this proposition sounds - you have deadlines to meet or early morning classes to attend. However, this piece of advice is the answer to a number of your skin ailments. They don’t call it ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing, after all!

Add more Pillows

Sleeping on your back (which is also good for your back) and adding more pillows under your head will steer the blood away from pooling under your eyes. Pretty simple, right?

Apply something cold 

An add-on in your night routine could be cold tea bags or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth to be applied to your eyes. This will get rid of the discoloration around your eyes. It will also take away some of the puffiness from your eyes and not to mention and added bonus- this particular activity can be very relaxing!

Wear those sunglasses

Now that we have established the repercussions of sunlight coming in contact with your eyes, it is always a good idea to invest in the right pair of sunglasses. Protection is always a good idea! *wink*

Put extra care into your makeup removal routine

 There are those days when you just want to scrub your makeup with whatever, get out of the uncomfortable bra, cuddle with your pillows and sleep forever! As good as this proposition sounds, it is probably a very bad idea. Take a lot of extra care to gently remove makeup from your skin. Using a soft cotton pad is advisable, do not rub and scratch and be gentle to your skin.

Say Hi to Personalised Skincare!

The reason why you are getting dark circles might be because of your diet or your sleep patterns or maybe your genes. If the problems are unique to you, why shouldn’t your solution be unique as well? A personalised under eye-cream takes into consideration a number of factors like your genes, your sleep pattern, your water intake, the number of hours you spend outdoors, your diet, the weather you live in, etc. to give better results compared to any other generic under-eye products.

These are some of the simple tips that require just some little tweaks in your lifestyle. You will not see immediate results, however, it’s a start to avoid getting comments like “Late night yesterday?”

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