What is clean beauty and where to find it? What is clean beauty and where to find it? – Yours Personalised Skincare

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What is clean beauty and where to find it?

by Avisha M |

If you are not okay with toxic ingredients in your food, why should you be okay with toxic ingredients in your skin care products? Skin care, after all, is food for your skin. 

If you find these ingredients on any product label, drop it like it's hot-

  • Parabens
  • Ethanol-amines
  • Phthalates
  • Synthetic fragrance
  • BHT
  • BHA
  • Siloxanes
  • Formaldehyde

You’ll be surprised how prevalent unfriendly ingredients are in today’s widely available skin care products.

For the longest time beauty was created out of big corporate factories. They supplied it, we applied it. But times are different now. We have access to information now, we can look out for ourselves now.

As Yours was reared by women who have personally faced this problem for over a decade now, we are strong advocate of clean beauty. At Yours, clean beauty stands for absolutely refraining from using even mildly toxic ingredients, including suspected ingredients. If it can have harmful effects on skin or environment, you won’t find it in any Yours product.

So, clean up your skin care act!

If you want to clean up your dressing table too, you are at the right place. Sick and tired of buying new bottles every month and trying them on our skin to find the “right” product which “suits” our skin, we started Yours.

Read more about Yours story here.

P.S. In addition to refraining from using any even mildly harmful ingredients, we are absolutely cruelty free. We love animals- they are the cutest!!







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