What is Combination skin and how do I deal with it? What is Combination skin and how do I deal with it? – Yours Personalised Skincare

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What is Combination skin and how do I deal with it?

by Avisha M |

You think you’re an oddball just because you have combination skin? Or does it feel like life is unfair just because your skin is oily here & dry there? Well! Don’t worry, a couple of tips & tricks will get you a quick fix to all your problems.

Now, first thing first, combination skin is super common, in fact, it’s one of the most common skin types. But how does one tell if one has combination skin? It’s easy, if some parts of your face are dry while the rest are oily—essentially, your forehead, nose & chin (T-zone) are oilier than the rest of your face—there’s quite a high chance that you’ve combination skin.

Combination skin can be attributed to a variety of factors--genetic, environmental, hormonal etc. But how to manage the complications that this skin ensue is more important. Especially in winters, it’s not uncommon for people with combination skin to experience flakiness. Why does it happen? Your common guess would be the ruthless winter winds causing your skin to dry up. Although partly true, the main reason your skin flake in winters is dehydration.

  • So, don’t try to fix your dry skin in with a bunch of creams & lotions, rather keep it simple. Just hydrate regularly, exfoliate & use a mild water-based lotion for dry parts of your skin.

Another challenge that people with combination skin face is that they’re confused about which product to buy. They find creams to be too thick while lotions don’t do much for the dryness on their face. Gaah! It’s annoying.

  • Don’t worry, the best way to go by this is finding yourself personalised skincare. Such skincare factors in everything from your lifestyle to your environment and suggest a product(s) that suits your skin the best.

One more issue that combination skin comes with is clogged pores. Now, don’t start wondering why your skin is such a troublemaker.

  • It’s easy to tackle clogged pores, try moisturising from inside out by switching to a diet rich in fatty acids—eat more walnuts, salmon Also, regardless of what the name suggests “avoid using pore-clogging products”

If you’re looking for something more than a temporary fix for your combination skin then try our personalised skincare set (it has a day cream, a nutri-repair night cream & a serum). Also, try our free skin test & we’ll happily provide a list of ingredients which are best for your skin.



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